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The decision to choose counselling was certainly not an easy one. Over a period of 12-18 months, my daughter had changed from a confident and happy person to someone who had become withdrawn, anxious, sad, angry and destructive. Essentially, it felt like she had given up on everything.

Life had become difficult and family relationships were strained. The issues had to be addressed.

At our first appointment, having never been through the process before, I was somewhat apprehensive and unsure as to what to expect. However, from the moment I met Sophia I felt confident in her ability to help my daughter.

Sophia was kind and supportive throughout. She gained my daughter’s trust, ensuring that she felt comfortable which, in turn, encouraged her to speak more openly about her issues/concerns.

I am so pleased with the amount of progress that my daughter has made over the sessions and I can honestly say that arranging the counselling was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The process really has been transformative and family members have commented on how much better my daughter seems in herself. I finally feel like I’m getting my old daughter back and I cannot thank Sophia enough for the role she has played.

It’s been a journey with such a positive outcome and our experience really has confirmed that counselling changes lives.

· Victoria
Sophia's natural warm, empathic and welcoming presence made both my daughter I feel comfortable working with her. Sophie was gentle in her support and guidance, which gave my daugther the confidence to be open and honest with her in their sessions, building a good relationship with her. Sophia really understood her. This enabled her to work through difficult emotions and events, and her OCD behaviours, which in turn offered me emotional support around it as well. Thank you, Sophia. · Aisling
Sophia was the most engaged counsellor I've ever worked with. Attentive to details, reflective and able to challenge assumptions in a way that allows unlocking deeper insights into the personal inner world. During 12 sessions I had a chance to understand myself a bit better and come to an acceptance of some of my personal flaws. Would recommend anyone who is struggling to figure out their emotional world on their own. · John
After considering counselling for a while for my 11 year old son who was suffering with suppressed feelings after me and his dad divorced, I found Sophia and it's the best decision I made. Not just for my son but for me aswell. Not only did my son have a safe & private place to go to talk about how he felt, I also had the chance to talk about certain things with him and Sophia which gave me a better understanding of how he was feeling and why he was behaving in certain ways.
My son was excited to go to every session with Sophia. They built such a lovely relationship in a short space of time. Sophia made him feel so comfortable and relaxed which helped him to open up to her which has helped him immensely. I feel like he's a lighter person and that a weight has been lifted from his shoulders. He agreed it was the best thing he's done. · Jessica
Sophia has helped me massively with my confidence and helped me to embrace who I really am. Sophia creates a calm and relaxed environment in which you can open up, which has been essential with improving my mental health. · Ellen
Sophia came into our lives over a year ago to support my daughter who has Autism and had left her primary school as she could no longer cope due to her needs not being met, and after suffering from severe bullying and panic attacks. My girl was broken at this point, and l really worried that she would never heal from the trauma she was living with, she was that traumatised. Then we met Sophia, she has worked tirelessly to help my daughter heal, she was never phased by anything, no matter how much my daughter would try to shut her out, or would want to hide away, Sophia was always there, and she built a strong and trusted bond with my daughter. Sophia could read my daughter so well and was able to carefully adapt her approach to her at each session. Soon my daughter began opening to her, my daughter had severe anxiety due to her Autism, and Sophia was extremely caring and calming, she was also very knowledgeable of special needs, so she was able to carefully unpick and address her worries in a really nurturing way. Sophia's warmth and kindness was truly humbling. She is very dedicated, and the needs of the child are paramount to her. She was a brilliant support to our whole family, not just my daughter. l can honestly say she has changed my daughter�s life around. She has now started at a new school, is making friends and feels happy in herself, for the first time in years.
Simply put, Sophia is an incredible human being, and l cannot recommend her highly enough. She is a rare gem and l thank her from the bottom of my heart for what she has done for my family. · Clare
Sophia has been my absolute dream counsellor. My praises for her are endless. Her presence is filled with such genuine care, compassion, and attentiveness. She's helped me so much in such a short amount of time and this is only the beginning. I truly look forward to our Wednesday sessions together and I cannot express enough gratitude for the safe environment she provided me with, where I am able to freely express my emotions and communicate. I will forever be grateful for her, thank you Sophia. · Desir Yangi.
To Sophia, Thank you for the amazing work you have done with Isabelle you truly are a fantastic Teacher. You will never understand how much you have helped me as a parent in helping me trust someone with my child for that I will be forever grateful. Thanks so much · Jemma